Firstly, thanks for stopping by. I am super honored that the pictures I take resonate enough with you to find yourself here, so thank you immensely.

My name is Ben and I'm a lifestyle, wedding and portrait photographer based in New York, USA.

I take pictures because I freakin' love it (heads up: I get a wee bit enthusiastic when talking photos). But I consider myself first and foremost a documentarian and observer of human beings who happens to be pretty nifty with a camera. For me, the best images are those captured from the moments in between moments–a fleeting glance, a subtle interaction–and best tell the real story of a day, a person, a relationship.

Mostly I want to tell the true, authentic story of you and yours. There's so much fake sh*t in the world today; all I want when we create together is for you to show me the truest version of you! Together, let's capture the emotion, the silliness, the seriousness, and everything in between. Let us tell a compelling narrative of you and your relationship with those you love the most. I want people who have never met you before to be able to see the photographs and get a sense of who you really are.

This (for me) is the best job in the world. Every time I capture a perfect moment, it gives me an indescribable rush. I work hard to get those moments. Let me create art for you that gives you that same feeling. Let me help you tell and preserve your story for a lifetime.

My creative process begins with our first hello so if you're picking up what I'm putting down, give me a bell and let's get after it together.


Born in Zimbabwe. Grew up in France. Studied in the U.K. and now living n' breathing in the US of A. I'm 6"2 and hungry 75% of the time. So when I'm not behind the camera, you'll probably find me in the kitchen rustling up and/or eating food. I'm a terrible dancer, can't sing to save my life but not so bad at running. Balance, right?

I am the proud father of two boys / Duracell bunnies so if I'm not taking pictures of people like your fine self, I busy myself photographing them. Prior to taking up photography full-time, I co-founded and ran Nice and Serious, a multinational creative agency focusing on producing work the world really needs. So yeah, creativity–and photography, especially–has always been a big part of my life.

So there you have it. My life in two paragraphs. If you want the longer version of my story or for anything else photography related, let's talk.


Shona & Franck

“Ben took my wedding photos in Ireland and did the most amazing job. He took all the shots I would ever have wanted and the ones I didn’t even realize I wanted! They are so precious to us both, particularly as they capture the most amazing memories of someone no longer with us. He has a brilliant eye and his (bilingual!!) banter put everyone at ease. His pictures are fun, honest and beautiful. They will be treasured for ever, as will you as part of our day!”

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