That's what I want to capture on camera. Your relationship is not an editorial so forget the cookie-cutter-wedding-photography approach and let's show the real you with genuine photographs that reflect both your character and love for one another. Raw emotions. Real stories. Great times. That's it.


Beautiful, handmade fine art albums

You know that feeling you get when you go home to visit your folks and someone brings out an old photo album and everyone laughs and smiles and tell stories? This is like that but on steroids. Imagine this: you'll be sitting around at home on a Tuesday night after a long day at work, scrolling through Netflix for the 100th time and you'll see this on the table out of the corner of your eye, and you'll grab it, and you'll start flicking through, and by the end the long day has disappeared and all the joy and love and emotion you felt on the day will come rushing back.

These albums are completely customizable with cover fabrics, colors and textures. I design these books with you to ensure you get something that is truly yours. Something you will love and cherish for life.


Ben took my wedding photos in Ireland and did the most amazing job. He took all the shots I would ever have wanted and the ones I didn’t even realize I wanted! They are so precious to us both, particularly as they capture the most amazing memories of someone no longer with us. He has a brilliant eye and his (bilingual!!) banter put everyone at ease. His pictures are fun, honest and beautiful. They will be treasured for ever, as will you as part of our day!

Shona & Franck

It takes two to tango

Getting hitched and like what you see? That's awesome. My creative process begins from our very first conversation. So let's tuck in and start creating, together.