Portraits in Paradise

Picture this (no pun intended). Two incredible people getting married in incredible India. The colors, the light, the atmosphere... All absolutely exquisite. Almost unparalleled.

Much like their wedding as a whole (a 3 day extravaganza no less), Maya & Duncan wanted something different when it came to their photos. The brief was to capture portraits of each one of their guests the day after the big party, i.e. hungover faces galore. I loved the idea and thought it would lend itself to the imperfectly perfect medium of 35mm film photography. Yeah, the old school stuff!

So I set out, roaming the vast and enchanting Samode Palace and its gardens in search of faces to photograph. It was incredibly fun, especially as everyone was feeling worse for wear! Shooting with film was also, for me, incredible rewarding as a photographer as weddings tend to be shot primarily with digital nowadays.

I then developed, processed and scanned all the film I shot on the day and compiled the portraits into a fine art album. The combo of that filmic aesthetic with the quality paper stock really made those faces shine in a way that digital copies can't.

If you're interested in using film photography at your wedding, I'd love to chat about it. The beauty of the unexpectedness is something – I feel – really quite special.