A Wedding like no other.

Forget the classical wedding shot-list. In fact, throw it in the bin and speak to Greg and Andrea, two lovebirds from LaLaLand. Their priority: have a whale of a time. Based on that and the fact Greg and Andrea say yes to everything (within reason!), I suggested we capture some portraits of everyone doing just that. And boy, did the pictures not disappoint!

On the big day itself, I set-up a semi-studio space on the beach of the beautiful Quisisana Resort in Maine. I then basically roped people in to have their portrait taken and despite half of them being hungover and dressed in beach wear, everyone was game and some serious laughs were had. The end result? Quite possibly the most memorable pictures I've ever taken at a wedding. The experience certainly was.

Quite possibly the most memorable wedding pictures ever

Fun, Fun & More Fun

But there's more

Portraits of people at the beach were one side of the story. The other was the beautiful ceremony and party that subsequently happened. There were tears. There were laughs. There was an abundance of love.