Say goodbye to awkward family pictures and hello to boatloads of color, character and fun. I want to capture real, genuine moments and interactions of you and your loved ones. So don't worry if you hate being in front of camera–it's my job to make you make you and your family feel totally comfortable. This leads to more candid moments, filled with warmth, love and happiness. And that's when I press the trigger.


How long does a shoot take?

It really depends on the type of photographs you're after. A family shoot usually takes an hour. For larger families (4+ people), the general time frame is between 1 and 2 hours. The length of the session can also vary based on unpredictable factors such as weather or if someone gets crabby and needs to take a break!

What's your bad weather policy?

If we know ahead of time that the weather is going be really grim on the day we plan on shooting, we will reschedule our session at no extra cost. During fall and winter, cold, rain and sometimes snow are all applicable reasons to schedule although I try not to cancel unless the temperature as dropped to ridiculously low numbers. If there's a chance of rain, and it's cloudy and gloomy, the show must got on–overcast days are actually the best for beautiful photos!

Is there anything in particular I should wear?

DO wear clothes! ;-) Try and avoid bright neon colors and they reflect onto your skin and don't make for great-looking pictures. Otherwise, wear clothes you feel comfortable/happy in. You know, the kind of outfit that gives you that little extra bounce in your step. Those underlying emotions will show through in your pictures. For family photographs in particular, I'd encourage you and your loved one not to the wear the same outfit or colors (otherwise it ends up looking a bit uniform-ish!).

What happens before the shoot?

Not much, really! We'll pick a time and place, and figure out any details pertinent to your particular session. For most of types of sessions (excluding newborns or events), I suggest we also plan an activity or two to do with your family/kids/significant other during the shoot. Cos' the more fun everyone is having, the more awesome your photos will be!

What happens during the shoot?

Fun, that's what. I like to take photos that are as candid, unplanned and natural as possible. Sure, we can do some more formal poses, since I know these are nice to have, but overall we're just hanging. We'll bust out a few pre-planned activities we figured out before the session (useful if you have young kids), and we'll walk, talk, laugh, and play. The best photos happen when you can pretend like I'm not even there.

What happens after?

The post-production process usually takes about 2 weeks for me to deliver a set of fully-edited, high-resolution photographs. I start by sifting through all the photos I shot during our session together. I pick out the best ones and carry out some basic retouching (cropping, minor color correction, etc.). I then upload all these photos to an online, password-protected gallery which you can access from anywhere, at any time. You will then be able to choose to buy and download single or multiple photos, bundle packages as well as order prints should you so wish.

Do you do a lot of photo editing and retouching?

In short, no. I like to keep my photographs looking as natural and honest as possible. That means very little editing / retouching. Aside from the odd bit of cropping, minor color adjustments and a few other tweaks, the final photos will essentially be as they were shot.

If after viewing your edited photographs, you desire more intensive retouching, that's totally doable. We'll just need to budget more time to do so.